Having taught skiing for almost ten years, and having spent slightly longer on the many qualifications involved, I have had a real roller coaster ride of a decade. I wanted to set down my story over the last few years in the hope that it might be helpful to others considering the same path. Not everybody takes as long as I have to get through their qualifications - many are faster, some take a lot longer. The majority don't reach the top level and it is still perfectly possible to teach skiing without it.

Hopefully reading about the British and European systems might be of interest to North American or Australasian instructors where the courses (and careers) are a bit different. I am starting this blog ten years ago and working forward to the present. Another reason for setting this all down in writing is that I am trying to get my first novel edited and published, so any writing is good practice. I plan to add a new post about once a week, depending on how long each part is.

Unfortunately there will be a bit of a lack of photographs over the first few posts. Ten years ago I had no means of taking digital photographs so the only ones I have available are the odd snapshot that I might scan in if I can dig them out.

Please do comment on the posts and let me know what you think.

The photo below is from about halfway through my career during one of the snowiest winters I saw in Arinsal.

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